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Certified Transcriptions​

USA TRANSLATIONS offers expert transcribing of audio and video files worldwide in English and over 100 foreign languages.

Our transcribers specialize in all aspects of transcription terminology and transcribe meticulously and accurately. Several editors review every transcription thoroughly and make sure that it is formatted professionally.

We transcribe from and into numerous foreign languages, e.g. French, Portuguese, Spanish, Czech, Danish, Chinese, Taiwanese, Laotian, Khmer, Ethiopian, German, Greek, Arabic, Polish, Korean, Bengali, Farsi, Gujarati, Tagalog, Japanese, Swedish, Hebrew, Kurdish, Vietnamese, Miao, Zulu, Burmese, Korean, and many more!

Two Types of Transcriptions

We distinguish between two types of transcriptions:
    1. Transcribing only, without translation: These are transcriptions from any one language into the same language (e.g. from French to French). No translation is involved.
    2. Transcribing with translation: First, a transcription of the source recording is carried out (e.g. from French to French), followed by a written translation into another language (e.g. from French to English).
We offer both types of transcriptions for audio and video files.

Partners & Scenarios

Here are some of the industries and scenarios for which USA TRANSLATIONS provides transcribing services:

  • National and International Corporations and Organizations: Commercials, conferences, corporate profiles, focus groups, infomercials, lectures, meetings, presentations, product promotions, public relation campaigns, reports, seminars, statements, and more…
  • Legal Community: Audio or video exhibits, affidavits, declarations, depositions, interrogations, investigations, oral agreements, and more…
  • Entertainment Industry: Dialogues, documentaries, fictional scenes, interviews, videos, films, TV shows, and more…

Accurate Transcriptions!​

Be assured that our professional transcribers are highly proficient in the pertinent terminology.

From our extensive pool of language experts, we carefully select those specialists best suited for your particular project.

They render all transcriptions accurately and format them professionally.

Upon request, we provide professional time coding (continuity) with our transcribing services.

Superb Performance!

USA TRANSLATIONS guarantees accurate service and exceptional performance!

All transcriptions come with our Triple Guarantee:

1. Guaranteed Professional Quality

2. Guaranteed Price Competitiveness

3. Guaranteed On-time Delivery
Usa Translations, Services, Transcriptions, Superb Performance


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