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Freelance Positions

We are Hiring!

USA TRANSLATIONS is presently hiring associates (independent contractors)

in the following fields -- anywhere in the world!


Sales Affiliates

Use your connections and offer and sell our fine translation and interpretation services as a Sales Affiliate to international corporations anywhere in the world! 

Become part of this unique WIN WIN WIN opportunity.

You win a commission! Your clients win a 10% discount! We win a client!

It’s easy! Click here for details. Sign up today!


Here are the language pairs we are especially interested in:

English TO Arabic

English TO Armenian

English TO Chinese

English TO Dutch

English TO Farsi

English TO Hebrew

English TO Hindi

English TO Japanese

English TO Korean

English TO Thai

English TO Turkish

Arabic TO English

Armenian TO English

Chinese TO English

Dutch TO English

Farsi TO English

Hebrew TO English

Hindi TO English

Japanese TO English

Korean TO English

Thai TO English

Turkish TO English


Here are the languages we are especially interested in:






USA TRANSLATIONS is particularly looking for highly professional interpreters for legal interpretations (courtroom work) and for simultaneous interpretations (e.g. presentations, conferences, congresses, conventions).

Multilingual Desktop Publishers

Professional desktop publishers in all languages with Non-Roman characters, for instance Arabic, Armenian, Farsi, Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Thai.

USA TRANSLATIONS welcomes desktop publishers who are able to process (on PC and MAC platforms) several languages with Non-Roman characters within the same document, e.g. create multilingual brochures and manuals.


USA TRANSLATIONS is looking for professional transcribers who work with audio and video files in all languages and specialize in all types of terminology.


Translators, Interpreters, Dtp Publishers & Transcribers - How to Apply:

E-mail your résumé and/or any other information to Make sure you indicate which position you are applying for.

Please do NOT call! All pertinent data will be entered directly from your e-mail into our Associates Database. Even though we may not respond right away, you will be in our database and we will contact you should we need your services at a later point.

Make sure you send us any changes in your contact information so we will be able to update our database.