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At USA TRANSLATIONS we always strive to provide the highest quality translations at the most competitive rates. We feel so confident about our rates that we are willing to at least match any quote of other professional language companies for the same quality and services. Just send over our competitors written quote and we will match it!

To make our services even more affordable and to extend special incentives to our clients, we are offering a wide range of amazing discounts tailored to specific situations. We usually draw your attention to applicable discounts and integrate them into our Free Quick Quote before you place your order. To give you an idea of our discount options, here is an explanation of the discounts available at USA TRANSLATIONS.

  1. Yearly Discount
    This discount is granted when the total volume of your projects amounts to more than $5,000 per year, and a Yearly Discount Contract has been established. This contract is a yearly collaboration agreement to be entered into before the discount applies. This discount is especially attractive for our loyal corporate clients, who use our services extensively on a regular basis. It is an exclusive discount that cannot be combined with any other discount.

  2. Volume Discount
    This discount is granted for projects covering a high word count, several languages or several services (e.g. translation and layout). It will be applied to any large project. The percentage of the Volume Discount starts at 5 % and increases with the size of the project. This discount may be combined with any other discount, except for the Yearly Discount.

  3. Promotional Discounts
    Our Promotional Discounts are extended to all clients who received our latest promotional offers called QuickNewsClick here to sign up today, receive your code, and use your discount on your next project!
    This discount applies to the projects, services and time periods specified in those offers. You may take advantage of your discount right away by mentioning the discount code. This discount may not be combined with any other discount, except for the Volume Discount.

  4. New Client Discount
    The New Client Discount may be extended to any new business client. It may be granted for the first project of a new client, and may not be combined with any other discount, except for the Volume Discount.

  5. Special Client Discount
    This discount may be extended from time to time by our General Manager for especially loyal clients, who are very dear to us. These clients know that we are always willing to work with them, even when there are serious budget constraints. It can be applied to any larger volume project at the General Manager's discretion. It may not be combined with any other discount except for the Volume Discount.

No discounts are granted on our minimum rates.

Please note that in order to further accommodate our clients, USA TRANSLATIONS also offers three Quality Levels with different price ranges.

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Our goal is to provide the best value, with consideration of your budget!


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 Feel free to ask our friendly Translation Consultants about:

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• Our translation and interpreting discounts
• Our yearly discount contracts

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