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After you have sent your document(s), you will promptly receive an all-inclusive, binding, flat, written quote. Our quotes depend on the following 10 factors:

1. Language pair and language direction: We produce translations in any combination of languages.  

2. Size or volume of the project(s): Regular discounts are extended for large documents and yearly contracts.

3. Discount subscriptions: Special discounts are extended to subscribers of our ongoing promotional offers.

4. Degree of difficulty: Texts with specialized terminology (e.g. technical, medical, legal, advertising) require more time and expertise, and are subject to higher rates (high end of word rate range).

5. Quality level: USA TRANSLATIONS offers three distinctive Quality Levels to accommodate our clients' needs and budgets.

6. Urgency of the project: Discounts are offered for projects with an extended turnaround time. A 25% surcharge applies to rush orders (reduced turnaround or evening/weekend/holiday work), and a 50% surcharge to super rush orders.

7. Layout: All translations are word processed on state‑of‑the‑art equipment. They are presented in a way that allows for easy cross-reference to the source document. Basic formatting features (alignment, underlining, bolding, italicizing) are included in the standard rates. Creating enhanced formatting features (tables, columns, boxes, graphics, different type styles or type sizes, etc.) or overwriting of source documents with enhanced formatting features, are considered Page Layout and charged extra. Desktop Publishing is available in any format or design in the latest versions of InDesign and in any other applications.

8. Textual Continuity: Lists of terms, glossaries, labels, etc. that do not constitute continuous text, are subject to an additional charge. A surcharge also applies to handwritten, partly illegible or partly unintelligible texts.

9. Delivery: Available via e-mail, messenger, overnight, or in any other way if so requested. Additional charges will accrue for any delivery other than electronic delivery and regular USPS ground mailing.

10. Minimum charges: They are $ 75 per language for all orders with Roman character languages, and $ 95 per language for all orders with non-Roman character languages. 

Discounts are offered on a variety of scenarios and projects. See if you qualify for Discounts.

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