Editing & Proofreading

Also Available as a Stand-alone Review!

Meticulous Editing & Proofreading Comes with your Project…

Naturally, we thoroughly edit and proofread all of our certified translations, transcriptions, and multilingual layout projects before they reach our clients. This extensive review process is part of our quality control.


….But it is also Available as a Separate Review Service!

In addition, USA TRANSLATIONS also offers editing and proofreading as a stand-alone review service worldwide in over 100 foreign languages. For instance, your company may use in-house translators but prefer an expert review by our professional editors and proofreaders.

Our reviewers edit and proofread in numerous languages, e.g. English, Arabic, German, Chinese, Russian, Japanese, Farsi, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Korean, Cambodian, Filipino, Hebrew, Armenian, Indonesian, Urdu, Vietnamese, Amharic, Hmong, Swahili, and many more!.

With many years of experience, these linguists are known for their meticulous attention to detail. Every word, every accent, every comma count. They are perfectionists!

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How Do we Define Editing and Proofreading?

Editing represents an all-comprehensive review process, whereby we check the document of the target language for accuracy in spelling, grammar, style, consistency, and content against the document of the source language.

Proofreading represents a limited review process in one language only, whereby we check the document for accuracy in spelling, grammar, style, and consistency.Proofreading is usually done after a document has been edited.

The goal of both processes is to correct errors until the text on hand is perfect in all linguistic aspects.

Hire the Specialists!

Why should you use USA TRANSLATIONS to review your translation? 

Your in-house translators, even if they are highly educated native speakers and experienced linguists, may often not be adequately familiar with the specific terminology of a particular document. As USA TRANSLATIONS has thousands of language experts available who specialize in many different fields and subject matters, we are able to select those professional linguists who are versed in the industry-specific terminology required for your translations. This is why it is highly worthwhile to hire our editors and proofreaders for a thorough review of your translated material.

Superb Performance!

USA TRANSLATIONS guarantees accurate service and exceptional performance!

All certified translations, editing, and proofreading projects come with our Triple Guarantee:

1. Guaranteed Professional Quality

2. Guaranteed Price Competitiveness

3. Guaranteed On-time Delivery
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