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Certified & Notarized Translation Services

Certified document translations represent our highest Quality Level. Upon request, a formal certification is issued for certified translations and certified transcriptions. The formal certifications are sworn statements (AFFIDAVITS) guaranteeing that the translations or transcriptions are TRUE and CORRECT renditions of the original language document.

These translation or transcription certificates are presented as separate statements, with the USA TRANSLATIONS seal and the signature of the translator, transcriber or project manager in charge of your foreign language project.

Certified and notarized translationsOur certifications are accepted by:

● Federal, state, and local US government agencies
● Foreign governments, embassies, consulates and chambers of commerce
● Universities and other educational institutions in the US and abroad
● Education and credentials research and evaluation services

There is an additional charge for formal certifications. If the formal certification is requested upon placement of the translation or transcription order, we will include this charge in our quote.


The formal certifications may be officially notarized upon request.

For translations intended for the US, an official notarization is often not necessary for establishing the authenticity of a certification.

There is an additional charge for notarizations. If the notarization is requested upon placement of the translation or transcription order, we will include this charge in our quote.

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