Consecutive & Simultaneous Interpretations

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USA TRANSLATIONS offers professional consecutive and simultaneous interpreting worldwide in English and over 100 foreign languages.

In every project, our interpreters produce an accurate and faithful rendition of the original message.

These linguists specialize in a large variety of fields and subject matters. They are thoroughly trained and possess many years of experience in the translation and interpretation industry.

More Than 100 Languages!

We interpret from and into numerous foreign languages, e.g. Mandarin, Cantonese, Japanese, French (Canada), French (France), German, Castilian (Spain), Spanish (Latin-America), Brazilian Portuguese European Portuguese, Arabic, Korean, Farsi, Cambodian, Russian, Filipino, Hebrew, Armenian, Indonesian, Urdu, Sinhalese, Vietnamese, Amharic, Hmong, Swahili, Haitian Creole and many more!

Interpreting for our Clients for More than 25 Years!

In more than 25 years we have proven ourselves as a trustworthy, reliable partner for:

  •  The Legal Community
  •  The Entertainment Industry
  •  Health Care Providers
  •  Government Agencies
  •  Attorneys and Courts
  • National and International Corporations and Organizations

Expert Interpreters!

Our interpreters are …

  •  Thoroughly Trained
  •  Highly Experienced
  •  Knowledgeable
  •  Courteous
  •  Professional

From our extensive worldwide pool of foreign language experts, we carefully select those interpreters who are thoroughly familiar with the terminology of your interpretation.

Their versatility enables them to interpret in many different settings and in any field and subject matter.

Types of Interpretations

Here is an overview of some types of interpretations:

  •  Consecutive Interpreting for the Government and Legal Community

Attorney-client meetings, statements, mediations, arbitrations, investigations, depositions, examinations, trials, and court, administrative & workers’ compensation hearings

USA TRANSLATIONS serves California and Federal Courts

We provide court-certified, court-registered, and court-approved interpreters!

  •  Consecutive Interpreting for Business

Business meetings and negotiations, customer and employee disputes, job interviews, reviews, medical evaluations, seminars, trade shows & fairs and guided tours (escorts)

  •  Simultaneous (Conference) Interpreting

Multilingual conferences and presentations, congresses, conventions, exhibitions and expositions, market research (focus) groups, product launches, media interviews & shows, and other national and international events

Simultaneous interpreters communicate the message in the target language at the same time as the speakers are talking to the audience. These interpretations require special technical equipment, such as interpreter’s station or booth, transmitters, and wireless earphones. You may either provide your own equipment or we furnish state-of-the-art interpretation equipment for your simultaneous interpretation event!

Superb Performance!

USA TRANSLATIONS guarantees accurate service and exceptional performance!

All interpretations come with our Triple Guarantee:

1. Guaranteed Professional Quality

2. Guaranteed Price Competitiveness

3. Guaranteed On-time Delivery
Usa Translations, Services, Interpretations, Superb Performance

Find out why USA TRANSLATIONS is your best choice in the field of multilingual communication!


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