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Services Overview

More than 100 Languages!

USA TRANSLATIONS offers worldwide services in English and over 100 foreign languages. From document translations to consecutive and simultaneous interpretations, from audio/video transcriptions to multilingual layout and desktop publishing, our translators and interpreters do it all!USA-TRANSLATIONS-Over -100-Foreign-Languages

We translate and interpret from and into numerous foreign languages, e.g French, German, Portuguese, Arabic, Russian, Korean, Italian, Persian, US Spanish, Mexican Spanish, Castilian Spanish, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Cantonese, Japanese, Turkish, Swedish, Filipino, Hebrew, Vietnamese, Somali, Romanian, Punjabi, and many more!

Every translator, interpreter, layout specialist, transcriber, editor and proofreader is thoroughly trained not just to translate or interpret words, but to observe the particular linguistic, social, cultural and technical context in each and every multilingual project.

All Terminologies, Fields and Subject Matters!

Our translation and interpretation experts specialize in all terminologies, fields & subject matters, such as:

Advertising & Marketing

Architecture & Design

Arts & Sciences

Business & Commerce

Civil & Criminal Law

Engineering & Manufacturing


Fashion & Cosmetics

Health Care

Information Technologies



& more…

These are just major fields. If your field is not included, we still can accommodate you. Please contact us for details.

Our broad array of linguistic services is available to clients all over the world. These clients appreciate that one stop takes care of all their language projects. They know that our impressive range of resources and our all-inclusive services guarantee fast and efficient performance at lower cost!

USA-TRANSLATIONS- Broad-Array-of-Linguistic-Services

Many Types of Publications!

And here are some of the publications our services cover:

Ads, brochures, catalogs, directories, flyers, magazines, manuals, newsletters, pamphlets, posters, presentations, press releases, reports & more… 


These are just major types of publications. If your type is not included, we still can accommodate you. Please contact us for details.

Latest Technology!

USA TRANSLATIONS uses the latest technology available on today's market. For written language services, such as translations, transcriptions and multilingual layout, there is no electronic format we cannot support! For interpretations, there is no setting we cannot facilitate!

Language Services and Complementary Services

We distinguish between language services (translations, interpretations, etc.) and complementary services (certification, notarization, etc.). Whereas language services are provided on a stand-alone basis, complementary services are offered only in conjunction with language services.

Superb Performance!

USA TRANSLATIONS guarantees accurate service and exceptional performance!

All translations and interpretations come with our Triple Guarantee:
1. Guaranteed Professional Quality
2. Guaranteed Price Competitiveness
3. Guaranteed On-time Delivery

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Find out why USA TRANSLATIONS is your best choice in the field of multilingual communication!


WordExpress and USA Translations have merged!

We Have Joined Forces to even Better Attend to the Needs of our Clients

We have combined our human, technical and linguistic resources to produce the highest quality translations at the most competitive prices in our industry!

Together we continue doing business under the name USA TRANSLATIONS!