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More than 100 Languages

More than 100 Languages!

Languages known by different names are listed under all these names, with the alternative names cross-referenced in parenthesis. Regional varieties of high diffusion languages are only listed for major countries. Varieties for other countries are also available. USA TRANSLATIONS offers professional translations & interpretations in:

Afrikaans Kazakh
Albanian Khmer (Cambodian)
Amharic (Ethiopian) Korean
Arabic Kurdish
Armenian Kyrgyz
Assamese Lao (Laotian)
Azeri Lappish (Sami Lappish)
Bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian) Latin
Bahasa Malaysia (Malay) Latvian
Basque Lithuanian
Belorussian (Belarusian) Macedonian (Croatian – Macedonia)
Bengali Malagasy
Bosnian (Croatian – Bosnia) Malay (Bahasa Malaysia)
Bulgarian Malayalam
Burmese Maltese
Cambodian (Khmer) Mandarin (Chinese)
Cantonese (Chinese) Manipuri
Castilian (Spanish – Spain) Marathi
Catalan Miao (Hmong)
Chinese/spoken - Cantonese Mongolian
Chinese/spoken - Mandarin Navajo
Chinese/written - Simplified  Nepali
Chinese/written - Traditional Norwegian
Chinese - Taiwan (Taiwanese) Oriya
Creole – Haiti (Haitian Creole) Persian (Farsi)
Croatian – Bosnia (Bosnian) Polish
Croatian – Croatia Portuguese – Portugal
Croatian – Macedonia (Macedonian) Portuguese - Brazil
Czech Quechua
Danish Punjabi
Dari Rhaeto-Romanic
Dutch - Netherlands Romanian
Dutch –Belgium (Flemish) Russian
English – Australia Sami Lappish (Lappish)
English – South Africa Sanskrit
English – UK Serbian
English – USA Sinhalese
Estonian Sioux
Ethiopian (Amharic) Slovak
Faeroese Slovenian
Farsi (Persian) Somali (Somalian)
Fijian Spanish – Argentina
Filipino (Tagalog) Spanish - Chile
Finnish Spanish - Mexico
Flemish (Dutch – Belgium) Spanish - Spain (Castilian)
French – Belgium Spanish - Venezuela
French - Canada Swahili
French - France Swedish
Frisian Tagalog (Pilipino)
Gaelic – Ireland (Irish) Taiwanese (Chinese – Taiwan)
Gaelic – Scotland Tajik
Gaelic – Wales (Welsh) Tamil
Gallego (Galician) Tatar
Georgian Telugu
German – Germany Thai
German - Switzerland Tibetan
Greek Tsonga
Gujarati Tswana
Haitian Creole Turkish
Hebrew Turkmen
Hindi Ukranian
Hmong (Miao) Urdu
Hungarian Uzbek
Icelandic Venda
Indonesian (Bahasa Indonesia) Vietnamese
Italian Yiddish
Irish (Gaelic - Ireland) Yoruba
Japanese Welsh (Gaelic – Wales)
Kannada Xhosa
Kashmiri Zulu


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